One Hour Lesson




Five Hour Lesson Package




Nine Hole Playing Lesson







Give the gift that will improve anyone's golf game.  A one hour lesson from LPGA Golf Professional, Donna Andrews.  Donna will break down the swing into the key fundamentals and help the player better understand their own golf swing.  Good for any level golfer.  Includes a video analysis of the players full swing and drills to help the player improve on their own after the lesson.




Give a golf lesson package that keeps on giving throughout the year.  This lesson package can include five one hour lessons or be split to match each individual golfers needs.  Donna likes to keep her teaching simple and really focus on basic fundamentals.  With this package Donna likes to help the player improve all aspects of their golf game by starting with putting and chipping and working up to the full swing.  Full swing analysis will include a video of the players swing and drills to help them improve their own game.




You and a friend can learn how to take your golf game to the course.  Many players say they hit it well on the range but they can't do the same on the golf course.  Let Donna take you out on the Pine Needles or Mid Pines golf course and help you learn to play like you practice.  The focus will be on course management skills and choosing the right shot to keep your scores low.  Donna will also help you learn how to stay focused better while playing and give you techniques for staying more positive while on the course.  Being a player herself, she learned how to practice on the range and PLAY on the golf course and she wants to help you learn to do it too.